Case Studies as a Way of Life

Everyone understands why case studies are useful in marketing. 77% of B2B marketing professionals use case studies to promote their business, according to the Content Marketing Institute. But many small businesses struggle to get case studies done. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know how to choose the topic, or what to put into the case study. Or it could simply be lack of time.

Case Studies as a Way of Life CoverBased on over 15 years of experience, and with 550 case studies under our belt, PODi has written the definitive guide to help you solve these problems. This expert white paper is about how to get case studies done. It covers:

  • How to overcome lack of time for creating case studies
  • How to select suitable customer projects
  • How your customer can benefit from a case study
  • What to include in any good case study
  • How to interpret and present the results
  • Why it is vital to involve your sales and production teams
  • How to make writing case studies a routine operational process
  • The value of having your own case study library

Whether you plan to write your own or take advantage of PODi’s free service for members this guide will show you how. Download it for free now.


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