"Beat the Multiples" - A Vertical Market Solution

It all started with a simple case study…

This is a story of how a printer in the UK called d2r turned a single case study into solution guide for a specific vertical market sector and successfully gained new business.

40161_A5_Postcard new 1d2r already had a PODi case study published about a campaign they ran for a local independent optician called the Dunstable Eye Centre. The campaign aimed to regain some of Dunstable Eye Centre’s lapsed customers that had been lost to the big chains of opticians and pharmacies that competed mainly on price. It was a straightforward cross media campaign with a good offer of a £50 voucher to use at Dunstable Eye Centre after having an eye-test.

The campaign achieved a 400% return on investment for the optician who was very happy with the result. Meanwhile, d2r learned quite a lot about the business issues that independent opticians have and looked out for another optician to run a similar campaign for.

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Another case study. And now a strategy.

Before too long d2r found one in the city of London called Hodd Barnes and Dickens who commissioned d2r to run another such campaign to regain lapsed customers. The campaign was structured in a similar way involving a highly personalised postcard and website together with a good offer. This campaign achieved an 8.26 percent response rate and an ROI of over 500% for the client in a very short time. And again d2r asked PODi to write up a case study.


Now they had two case studies about similar campaigns with the same objectives and methods for a specialised market sector. And both of them demonstrated good results. As a strategy, this is a classic case of making the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Having discovered a common business need that arose because of external market factors that d2r now fully understood, d2r could now present a solution that would work for any independent optician. The two case studies provided evidence to back up each story and reassure any new prospects that the solution could be also repeated for them.

Next step: a “solution guide”.

Guide Imaged2r then modelled their own marketing campaign around one of the case studies. They targeted 100 opticians in London with an offer to download a free Solution Guide called “How to Fight the Multiples and Win”. Anybody that did download the guide received shortly afterwards a telesales follow up call to book a sales discussion. In fact, almost 60% of the recipients downloaded the guide.

But the really clever thing about this campaign is that the “Independent Opticians Guide to How to Fight the Multiples and Win” was actually one of the two PODi case studies. d2r reformatted it into their own style but retained the PODi content and added an introduction and summary specifically addressed to opticians to explain how d2r could also help them regain lapsed customers.

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PODi_D2R_Beat_the_MultiplesWe’re giving away the “Beat the Multiples” case study for free because we think it is a brilliant example of how to successfully leverage case studies in order to directly win new business. It demonstrates how to use case studies as a strategic element of your marketing.

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