Meeting Clients' Needs with Geomarketing

Whitepaper_Clients_covershotlocr GmbH, a PODi member in Braunschweig, Germany, have announced that InfoTrends, a division of KeyPoint Intelligence, has published a new white paper titled “Meeting Clients’ Needs with Geomarketing.”

This research provides specific, actionable advice on how print and marketing service providers can extend their product offering and improve customer satisfaction using location-based targeting. The “Meeting Clients’ Needs with Geomarketing” white paper is available now for download from locr.

Pat McGrew, director of production workflow service at InfoTrends is the author of the study. She notes, “Using location-based data to connect with consumers is one of the hottest trends in marketing communication. But all too often, print and marketing service providers don’t leverage that data because they think it is too complex or time consuming.”

She continues, “This research brings the location-based opportunity into focus, giving the reader an in-depth understanding of why location is such an important differentiator and how it improves the results of their clients’ campaigns.”

By providing real world examples and data-driven results, readers of the white paper will come away and understanding of how geomarketing can:

  • Enable print and marketing service providers to create personalised communications – even if all they have is the customer’s name and address
  • Drive more business for clients in specific vertical markets, including retail, healthcare, and hospitality
  • Target customers with greater accuracy and more relevant messages
  • Provide an easy, cost-effective way to refine the data in a mailing list

The white paper is available now. Print and marketing service providers can download their copy of the “Meeting Clients’ Needs with Geomarketing” white paper here.

Press Release from locr GmbH, 11 April 2017

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