About PODi

PODi is the world’s leading independent organisation for digital printing. PODi was formed in 1996 as a not for profit industry consortium to foster the growth of the digital printing industry through market and standards development activities.

There are over 700 members from many countries representing digital printers, marketing services providers, all the leading vendors of technologies for digital printing, and many business users, educational associates and expert consultants. Its General Technical members are responsible for the PPML industry standard for data-driven digital printing.

PODi’s goals are to:

  • grow the digital print market by educating marketing professionals and print service providers
  • build a community of professionals who see the value in openly sharing ideas
  • help members build successful businesses using digital printing and cross-media marketing

PODi is headquartered in the USA where it is managed by Caslon, a consulting company which develops services and tools for PODi members, content marketing programmes and market research.